Prep Work (and a call for help)

So, friends, any suggestions for coming up with enough handwork projects to keep me busy for 3–6 weeks? While I'm still in the midst of finishing up quilts and other projects for Christmas, I am also planning for a major post-Christmas surgery that will put me out of commission for possibly a month or more. I need to begin prepping some light, portable, stitching projects that will keep me busy for at least the first 3 weeks. And I need to have everything gathered, cut, and in neat little packages for myself before Christmas.

I've been thinking about hexies but I haven't landed on a good collection to make them from or what I might turn them into once sewn together. Have you seen any hexie projects that you think I'd like?

Any other suggestions for hand piecing? I'm open to paper piecing . . . I've just never tried anything other than hexies.

I like embroidery, but, again, I'm blanking on coming up with an embroidery project. Hmm . . . maybe some embroidered hoop art for the walls?

I have skeins of Cascade 220 that were intended for little crocheted pouches but I'm not sure that this will be the time to try to master a craft I'm not very adept at. I think crocheting might take more concentration than I'll have during this time.

I also have this beautiful alpaca that I bought with the intent of making, basically, a headwarmer. But, I kind of think it's a shame to waste it on something I won't likely wear so I've just let it sit and stare me in the face for weeks. Suggestions?

I think the ultimate project for this time off would be hand quilting this beauty.

I've been wanting to get it done for ages and just haven't made the time to baste it myself so I sent it off to Elvira, my long-arm quilter, to baste for me. It's so big that I haven't really had the space to do it! I should also probably order some pearl cotton, right? Maybe one of those gorgeous Anna Maria Horner bundles. Yep, I'd better put that on my Christmas list.

So, thanks for letting me ramble. And, if you have suggestions for a hexie project or another hand-piecing or light project, I'd really love to hear it! Seriously.


Splendorfalls said...

I have a cute hexie zippered pouch in my favorites on Flickr...I'll find it and show you.

I'm gonna go ahead and wish you a speedy recovery and remind you that you can email me while you are recovering; we can "chat"!

Rachel Hauser said...

Do you like my star blossoms paper pieced project, Alecia? I'm turning mine into a table runner. I also think AMH will release some embroidery patterns soon that will be very enticing! You could do pillowcase embellishments for yourself or gifts?

Hollie said...

That is a stunning quilt and I think hand quilting it while you're recovering will be perfection! I hope that you are able to recover well and quickly after your surgery!

Wendy said...

You could join in with TAST over at Pin Tangle, it's only weekly but it would give you something to do once a week.

Holly said...

Good luck with your surgery Alicia.

Posie Gets Cozy has some great hand stitching kits (a beautiful embroidery alphabet that I bet you would like, and some sweet wool felt ornaments which are fun to stitch).

I made a cushion with brightly colored hexies stitched onto white linen. There are quite a few inspiring pictures in flickr.

You could also purchase some of Anna Maria's new fabric to go with one of her perle cotton sets. I was planning to use a few yards with random sections hand stitched as a table cloth.