Baby Talk

I've been dying to share the news . . . that I am finally going to be an aunt in June!

I've been dying to share the news . . . that I am finally going to be an aunt in June!

Yes, you just read that twice. Why? Because, Chris and I got to hear and celebrate this news two times back in October when both his baby sister, Lindsey, and my li'l sis, Martina, announced to us that they are due with their little nuggets only 8 days apart!

And so begins the planning and creating of all things cute and cuddly for these already much-loved little ones. I cannot wait to meet my little niece(s) and/or nephew(s)!

On Saturday, I went out to see my sister and surprised her with a little "congratulations!" gift. Martina's face was priceless as she tried to figure out what the tangled mess of fabric was. But, once she figured it out, I think she liked the handmade nursing cover (aka boobie blanket).

In order to avoid photos as terrible as they turned out last time I made one of these fun, functional gifts, I made Martina open her gift and then awkwardly model both her's (left) and the one I made for Lindsey (right).

This project reminded me just how difficult it is to choose fabrics for projects being made for other people. I'm sure my stash has plenty of things either of these cute, stylish ladies would love . . . but when it comes down to it, it's really tough to choose! That Amy Butler Daisy Chain print is one of my all-time favorites and it suits Martina's modern country vibe. The forks and spoons fabric is graphic and modern and adds the perfect touch of humor to Lindsey's. It was all I could do to resist putting a big embroidered label right on the front that said "I eat at mom's" on that one. I'm pretty smitten with the way the tiles print from the DS Quilts collections brings a youthful feel to both.

I am really looking forward to seeing these two amazing young women grow into amazing young moms. Both of these little kiddos are going to be so blessed by the women that God has chosen to be their mothers. And I, personally, already feel blessed to be a part of their teeny, tiny little lives.


Rachel Hauser said...

What a great gift! Seriously, those covers rock and I used my constantly. They both came out very nice. Congrats on becoming an aunt!

Splendorfalls said...

Lovely gifts! What lucky little neices or nephews these will be!