Flat chested . . .

. . . or at least that's how this little treasure looks all squished into its packaging as I get ready to ship it out. Kinda sad. Can you even begin to guess what it is?

Chris and I jokingly called it by many names this weekend as I was working on this belated birthday gift for my good friend and new mom, Jess. There's your hint . . . new mom.

Just call this the Ta-ta Tapestry. No-Nipple Neglige. Boobie Blanket. Or, as it is more commonly known . . . a Hooter Hider, Bebe au Lait, or Nursing Cover. Sorry if that was too much for some of you! 

So, beyond the naughty names, this really is quite a practical gift. Not really what I had thought I'd make for my friend for her birthday (I was thinking more of a sassy handbag or even a diaper bag), but this is one of the things she really wanted. And, in the end, it was not only fun to make but I really think she's going to like it. 

I'll pop this cutie in the mail to her tomorrow morning. Hopefully she'll be nursing little Ethan beneath it before the week's end.

Sorry for the really disappointing photos . . . probably one of the most difficult things to photograph without a warm body to model it. But, I think it's worth showing anyway.

 Aside from being made from some of my favorite Amy Butler fabric of all time, I'm especially pleased with a few of the details—like the terry cloth mouth wipe that doubles as a little pocket which is tucked neatly inside one of the back corners. 

 I was also glad to bring a little something special to the strap detailing. Jess went to school for fashion and even though my sewing skills probably aren't quite up to par with hers, I hope she'll like the added touch of the extra wide strap with some pleating where it attaches to the body of the cover.

 This was my first attempt at using boning in a project. It went pretty smoothly once I discovered that I could remove it from it's casing and insert it in the bias tape that I wanted to use around the entire perimeter. I was a bit bummed to have to squish it all down to fit in the package. But I have an inkling it'll rebound just fine once she opens it in a few days.

Or, at least I hope so. Otherwise it'll stay looking like it's for one extremely flat-chested mama!


mandy said...

Oh my word, those names are hilarious! It looks cute, good job!

SplendorFalls said...

What a great gift! Laughing over the names; thats hilarous!

Rachel Hauser said...

Well done! That is definitely one of those things that I would have made instead of purchased had I known how to sew. Great present idea!