Four friends, a baby boy, and a bris. Bliss.

OK. When I started writing this post, I was feeling all nostalgic and composed this very long, touching account of our history with our friends Greg and Jess. I had pictures from way back when Chris and I met Greg in college and pictures of our wedding and their wedding and some other pivotal moments in our lives, their lives, and in our friendship. When I finished, I realized that none of it was very exciting. Interesting, maybe. But not very exciting for all of you.

So, instead. Here's the rough summary.

Chris and I met Greg in college. Greg transferred after our freshman year. Lost touch for a while. Greg was invited to our wedding in 2005 to which he brought his high school sweetheart, Jess. We all reconnected. Friendships (re)flourished. Two years later, they tied the knot. Lots of hanging out, going out, and getting together—just becoming the best of friends.

Fast forward 3 years—2010.

Greg and Jess are our really dear friends. When we visited them late in 2009, Chris and I walked away from our weekend together with the distinct inkling that they were getting ready to start their family. And, sure enough, a few months later, we learned that Jess was pregnant. Chris and I were totally, completely thrilled for them—but it was a little emotional for us at the same time. Having been married 2 years longer and having recently discovered that we would need to rely on modern medicine to help us eventually have our own little one, learning of our close friends' new family was the tiniest bit bittersweet.

However, the past 7 months or so since we heard this amazing news has been such a beautiful time for our friendships. We've cherished the last few get-togethers with our friends before they were to officially become a mama and daddy. We've made more time for them and have discovered that these really are our life-long friends—if there was even any doubt of this before.

And, finally, last week . . . Ethan arrived. A little ahead of schedule and not quite as planned, but beautiful, and strong, and healthy nonetheless. We were fortunate enough to be welcomed into his life this week when we made the journey to see the new threesome at Ethan's bris (a really beautiful thing to be a part of—even for us Gentiles). Ethan was so good through the whole thing—and even after, when he slept through almost the entire afternoon of being passed around to friends and family at a celebratory luncheon. We were honored to spend some time with him and with the new mama and daddy . . .

Ok, as I typically say about this time in my long posts . . . On with it!

As you probably already know, I'd been planning (with much ado!) a small quilt for Ethan. I labored over every decision and then felt frustrated by my not-so-straight straight-line machine quilting. But, as I've said before—this is all practice. I have to remember my first attempt at anything isn't going to be perfect . . . and so, I finally gifted the quilt to Ethan and his parents. I hope it will bring much comfort and love to them throughout his childhood and beyond.

And my mom, the amazingly talented woman I get my creativity from, decided at the last minute to create something for Ethan, too. Look at these completely adorable booties and the tiny hat with chin strap. Perfect for the freezing winter that is (dare I say it?) just around the corner for us Midwesterners.

So, Mazel Tov, Greg and Jess. And welcome to "our" family, Ethan. We will love you like you are our own because we love your mommy and daddy so very much!

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SplendorFalls said...

Lovely! Ethan, the quilt, the story, the booties...all just lovely!