On a whim.

I was just hanging out in the living room the other night thinking about the huge stack of Valori Wells Del Hi fabric I scored from Fabric.com this past summer when it was on a super sale and musing at what I might possibly do with it. I have big plans for a picnic blanket but wasn't feeling like cutting into it for such a big project quite yet. I've been feeling like I need to try tackling some smaller projects each week lately, too, so I was itching for something I could knock out in a couple of evenings.

Then it hit me! My mom's been a little envious, I think, of my online swaps and whatnot and there was a day a while back when I even felt like she was a little sad I hadn't made anything special for her yet. I mean, I think I'm a good daughter . . . but with such similar tastes in fabric craftiness and such similar stashes, I never really thought to make her something since we're usually crafting together. Well, that has officially come to an end!

So, here's a little peek at what I've been working on for her this week. Hopefully I'll finish it up this weekend (I have some embroidery to do on it yet) and be able to give it to her as a cute little trick or super treat gift!

So, can you guess what this might become?

And, well, so much for whittling down that Del Hi stash . . . I didn't even manage to use an entire fat quarter!


SplendorFalls said...

OH my gosh I love that binding!

Is it a pillow? Lucky Mamma!

Alecia said...

:) It WAS pretty obvious, wasn't it? Ha.Yes. A pillow. I know . . . the binding turned out really great. I spent more time on that decision than any other on this.

Rachel Hauser said...

Ooh, I like it already! Guess what would bust your stash and go together in 2 nights - a tablecloth. I think I've got to make another because my other old tablecloths are so awful in comparison to the one I made!

Alecia said...

Great idea, Rachel! Maybe once I can reclaim my living room (it's currently a mess of legos and popcorn bowls) I'll investigate that option. :)