Merry Christmas, Friends.

Gifted, originally uploaded by AleciaSharp.
It's been a crazy, amazing, and strange year. There have been moments of both joy and pain; moments full of faith and others full of fear. The coming days are sure to be full of mixed emotions as I go through the motions of preparing for a major surgery and then find myself in recovery for several weeks all whilst rejoicing in the celebration of the birth of Jesus and looking forward to a year full of promise. When I'm feeling up to it, I'll be back to share more about what's been happening around here—both medically and crafty. For now though, friends, I leave you with this photo of a beautiful, silent moment so full of joy, peace, and happiness over what I get to share in this space with you.

May your Christmas be filled with the spirit and your new year be blessed with joy, peace, and good health.

See you soon. :)


Holly said...

Best wishes Alecia. Be well.

Montseta said...

Alecia, those quilts are terrific presents, a work of true love and care.
I can relate so much about what you're saying about this year, so hard but also love and happiness in it (there's a saying in our country: Dios aprieta pero no ahoga / God presses but doesn't strangle...) hope the surgery goes OK and you recover quickly. Take care and Merry Christmas.
Regards from Barcelona

Splendorfalls said...

Happy Christmas! I'll be thinking of you all week!

shelia said...

I wish you a speedy recovery! I hope 2012 holds only good things for you. Those quilts are amazing gifts! Our family is praying for yours. Shelia
Merry Christmas!

Rachel Hauser said...

Yes, I'll join with the others to wish you well in your recovery. I hope the English Paper Piecing project ends up being lots of fun for you. Also, thank-you for the Christmas Card. It's really the most beautiful one I've ever received. Such a picture of love!