Works in progress

I'm sick. I am supposed to be cuddled up on the couch resting this morning catching some ZZZs to shake this pesky cold. Instead, I found myself laying there staring at the overflowing basket of projects in process—my works-in-progress basket (notice the subtle hint to myself that these are supposed to be projects I'm making progress on and not just works in process). Suddenly, I felt the urge to at least go through the basket and see what all was in there.

Well, the contents looked something like this:

• Lining and interfacing for a purse I miscut a year ago and need to find a new exterior fabric to complete
• Chris' "sleep shorts" torn into pieces because I mistakenly sewed the wrong seams together
• 2 balls of a cherry red roving yarn for a scarf I was going to crochet
• 1 ball of a gorgeous coral Malabrego yarn that I still plan to knit a scarf or cowel from this winter
• My stack of Soul Blossoms waiting to be put away or sent back
• My Lola Goes Shopp'n purse all cut out and ready to put together
• A Folksy Flannels quilt top waiting for a decision on size and border
• My Anna Maria Horner string quilt waiting to be basted so I can potential hand-quilt this baby
• My first quilt top—my Amy Butler Lotus quilt still waiting to be sent out for quilting (I'm planning to have it custom quilted by a local long-armer)
• Some Christmas presents I've been meaning to photograph and share with you
• Therm-o-web samples
• Samples from some other interfacing company
• Plenty of double-sided Pellon fusible
• 5 new Amy Butler patterns

Yes. It's a big basket. There was even more than this inside . . . I'm just choosing not to share the fact that it's become a catch-all craft basket in my living room. Oh, wait. I guess I just did.

Anyway, it's a good thing I didn't photograph the basket before I started sorting it out. It was embarrassing. But, here it is after . . .

I guess it's still a little embarrassing. But at least I emptied some things out and put them where they belong. Maybe I can aim to get this all completely finished by the end of February. Sounds like a reasonable goal to me.

And, just because I haven't really shared much of any of these projects with you yet, here are a few pictures of some of the projects from this basket. Pardon my lazy draping on these first two.

I'm still not sure about this Folksy Flannel quilt. I'd really like to be able to make it a lap quilt for an adult (me!) but I don't have enough of the print I'd like to use on the border hence the reason it's sitting in this basket. I'm not really feeling it anymore so I'm wondering if I should just cut my losses and call it a baby quilt and gift it sometime down the line.

My sister-in-law Lindsey has been sewing for just about a year now. She hasn't been tackling too many big projects but has been sewing for her new nephew mostly. For Christmas, she whipped out a Noodlehead gathered clutch for each of the women in her life. This one was for me!  

This cute little camera strap came from my friend Kimberly. It's backed with minky and is super warm for these crazy cold Chicago days.
Kimberly also gave me this hilarious book. Seriously, some of the stuff in here is creepy and crazy . . . but it is certainly worth a look if you want to have a good roll-on-the-floor type of laugh attack.

Well, that's it for now. I think I might go make myself some tea and dream of the two fabric orders I placed this morning. Either that or I'll actually get some rest.

Over and out.


mandy said...

I love that string quilt! And regretsy.com is absolutely hilarious (though way too vulgar!) but I haven't read the book yet. I'm not in it, am I?

Rachel Hauser said...

Gah - you must run and play with that string quilt. It's gonna be amazing! The star quilt really would be lovely as a baby quilt, so if you're not feeling it you have my blessing (hahahaha) to move on.

Splendorfalls said...

I was just writing about not being able to have lots of projects in progress, how funny! I WISH I could I have more going, but I find it really hard!