A friendship stitched in color

I've been on this little kick of feeling sentimental—grateful, really. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind when you work a 9–5 (or an 8–4:30 as it may be) but, as I've already chronicled in more than a few posts, finding my niche in this sewing/blogging/swapping/creating community has really given me something to look forward to each day and a way to unwind each night.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time at all, you'll know that I've really come to value the friendship I've made simply through these online sources of connection and inspiration. I try to let each of you know with a little email here or a comment on your blog there, but I'm not always so good about letting you know that you inspire me or that I'm thinking of you. I need to be better about that . . . because you all seem to be wonderful at it.

One of the amazing women I met online through a Flickr group this year is Rachel of Stitched In Color. Even without having met Rachel in person, I can sense that we're kindred spirits. She's the kind of girl who takes the time to let people know that she's thinking of them and that she appreciates them—she's the kind of person I'm pretty sure I'd love to spend a weekend stitching with just chatting and sipping tea or coffee or cocoa with. If you don't know Rachel, you should most definitely take the time to read her lovely blog. She will not disappoint.

Right around Christmas I received a really sweet card from Rachel. I saw the return address before opening the card and knew that it was from her. Immediately my heart sunk—not only had I (once again) failed to send holiday cards to my family this year, I had also failed to send cards to the lovely women I've met and become friends with through the blogosphere these past several months. "Bummer," I though. "I really hope she (or anyone else) doesn't feel disappointed that I didn't put her on my Christmas card list because I didn't send cards to anyone!" I was feeling a little bit of self-loathing.

And then I opened the card.

Scrawled inside was a very Rachel-like note—sweet and sincere—and also a very special little surprise.

This adorable handmade needle holder was something I'd been eyeing on her blog and had planned to make on my own. Somehow it's a little more special to have one that she made for me. I love it to pieces and continue to admire her beautiful, straight stitches as well as her thoughtfulness.

So, thank you Rachel—for the needle holder, for your friendship, and for your constant ability to inspire. Happy 2011 to you, my friend.


Rachel Hauser said...

How touching to find this post today, Alecia! Your pictures are AMAZING. I'm a bit speechless... but really touched. Yes, our friendship is "stitched in color". How true!

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My Sweet Prairie said...

Such beautiful things!
Monika in Canada