Enamored . . . but maybe a bit too late

I don't know where I've been. When I saw photos from Kokka's fall Quilt Market booth, I just knew that I had to put Melody Miller's new line Ruby Star Rising on my must-buy list. Somehow I totally missed that it had hit the stores already and now it looks like I'm too late to the party to get all the pieces that I'd like. I'm sure if I do some sleuthing this weekend I'll be able to find bits and pieces of the collection here and there but it seems like it's just flown off the shelves! And while I'll gladly do it (I mean, look at these funky prints that are just perfect for my wannabe-retro kitchen!), I hate having to pay shipping at 5 different places to get 7 or 8 cuts of fabric. Oh well . . . I'll call this my winter splurge. First maybe I'll put this image up on Flickr and see if anyone is trying to unload any of my favorite prints. Doubtful but worth a shot.

So, while you're here, I really want to direct you over to Melody Miller's blog. First of all, her blog is gorgeous—I mean, I absolutely adore her vintage background print. Love it. Secondly, she has such a sweet voice and has been gifted with such an artist eye and an ability to share it with us all. So, get on over there and check out her adorable elephant tooth cushion patterns and her tutorial for making a fabric-covered photo matte

I think I might have found my next muse . . . 

If you're looking for any of these prints and want to be able to get them all from one online shop, check out Nido in Vermont. They still have a little left of almost all of the prints and they offer free US shipping on orders over $50. YAY!


Splendorfalls said...

I bought two prints the day it came out and STILL had to get it from two stores! Ugh! I got the grey teapot one in your picture and the viewfinder on the left. Love them! I'll share if you can't find them!

melody miller said...

Hi there! Just so you know, everyone should be restocking sometime in the next month or so. Since these fabrics come all the way from Japan, they tend to hit stores all at once, run out all at once, and then everyone has to wait another 8 weeks for a new shipment to make it to the US. So, all hope is not lost! I've heard rumors that Fort Worth Fabric Studio is taking pre-orders, and other shops may be doing the same. Good luck!!
(And thanks so much for your kind words about my fabric and my blog:)