Want to do more good with your stitching?

Then visit us over at do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} and consider joining us as a quilter or host for one of the new circles we are trying to get up and running.

For those of you who haven't heard of do. Good Stiches before, we are a group of sewers committed to creating blankets of love and hope for children in need. Each month, each of our three circles plans, creates, and then distributes a child-sized quilt to a charity focused on helping children in need or to a child from one of our church communities.

Each of our circles is comprised of 10 people: 1 host, 5 quilters, and 5 stitchers (yes, that's 11 but the host also doubles as a quilter or stitcher). Each month, a different quilter from the circle will plan a quilt and send out the information to everyone about what types of blocks the circle should make for the month. Stitchers and the remaining quilters are responsible for making 2 blocks each month based on the plan set forth by the quilter and getting those to her before the end of the month. The quilter then takes those blocks and assembles the quilt top, bastes, quilts, and binds the quilt before delivering it to the charity or child it was created for. The host, in addition to either the quilting or stitching duties, is responsible for organizing the group and making sure there is a quilter assigned each month and that things are moving along smoothly. 

Rachel, the visionary for this bee, has received a great number of requests to join do. Good Stitches from Flickr members who want to participate as stitchers. Right now we're looking for a few good men or women who might be interested in participating at the quilting and/or hosting level. We'd love to have you. Please come check us out and consider joining us in our efforts to reach more children in need. With your help, we can get another circle or two up and running and be reaching more children each month in no time at all.

Click on over to the group on Flickr and fill out a membership form. Can't wait to see you there!

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