When packages come wrapped in the mail like this . . .

My whole addiction seems to make sense. Looks like those little bricks of cocaine that you see on all of the cop shows, doesn't it?

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love Quilt Home? We all have our own favorite online shops to buy from, but Quilt Home has become one of my favorites. I remember the first time I received a package from them. It was wrapped in the little cocaine bundle style and then had a nice handwritten note on the invoice. It made my purchase feel special—personal, somehow. It almost felt like I'd been in a physical shop and purchasing fabric and not just purchasing online.

Over the last couple of years, I've placed oodles of orders with Quilt Home. In all that time, I've only ever had one problem—and it was really USPS's fault for leaving a package out on my front stoop in the rain! But, Quilt Home came right to the rescue—giving me absolutely no hassle about it and just sending me a new bundle of fabric and including prepaid flat rate envelopes to send the rest of the damaged fabric back to them in. I was so pleased with the customer service and, really, have always been.

Some of the reasons I love Quilt Home:
• Free shipping over $50
• 20%-30% off each week in their email newsletter on a specified selection of fabrics (usually by designer, collection, fabric type, or theme—so, it could be all AMH fabric or Innocent Crush or all flannels, etc.)
• 20%-30% off in a "coupon special" right on the site in the righthand sidebar (for instance, this week was 25% off Heather Bailey)
• 30% off a random selection of fabrics each week in their specials area (includes a few prints from several different lines and the selection changes continually)
• If you ask, they'll wrap your fabrics in plastic (see top photo) so packages left outside don't get damaged (obviously, I had some firsthand experience with that and have learned my lesson)
• Wonderful selection of the prints I love
• Super-fast shipping
• Great, personal customer service

No, I haven't been paid or reimbursed in any way for this post. I just love Quilt Home and wanted to share because I've been surprised how few people I've talked with know about them. Somehow, I'm afraid I'm spilling some amazing secret shop and that maybe I shouldn't because I don't want "my" fabrics to be selling out any more quickly there . . . haha. But, hopefully you'll give them a try and you'll love them, too.

This week, Quilt Home had a "making room for market" sale and one of their coupons was for 40% off Amy Butler's Nigella and August Fields collections. I was thrilled to stock up on a few pieces that have been calling out to me . . . for more bags. A girl can never have too many, right! And, ya know what? I think I might place another order of that Nigella print to hold on to for the future, too. I would love to use that in a little girl's nursery someday.

So, thank you Quilt Home for feeding my addiction–and for being such a fabulous place to shop. I love you.

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Rachel Hauser said...

I had never heard of Quilt Home - thanks! I am totally impressed with their selection of Garden Party. I would LOVE to take advantage of that!