Quilt Market: Amy Butler

Meeting Amy Butler and getting a chance to see her new Soul Blossom line was one of the reasons I had to tag along on the 7 hour trip to Market with my mom and aunt and endure 3 long, tiring days on my feet with a severely sprained ankle. When we got to Amy's booth on our second day, she was in what appeared to be a pretty serious discussion. Japanese men in black business suits were chatting with her. So, I started talking to the other two ladies there with Amy in her booth instead. I was quickly losing my nerve to say hello to one of my greatest inspirations. I started getting nervous—worrying that she wouldn't be particularly kind or personable as had happened to us once before with another designer (and that experience really changed how we felt about our fabrics from this person which is a shame).

Well, the other two ladies were super sweet. They gave us these fabulous canvas bags filled with goodies: mostly press/market packets including sell sheets for her new fabric line, new book, and some wonderful printouts of her free patterns. We were so busy talking about the new book and fabric and yarn and Rowan knitting book and all that's going on in the studio that I completely forgot to take more pictures.

But, alas, Amy was eventually finished with her other conversation and she rushed over to me to say how much she loved my shirt (blogged here). Well, that finally opened up some conversation between us and I am pleased to say that I did not overly ooh and aahh over her work. And, I am also pleased to say that Amy was as nice and kind and personable and wonderful as I had hoped—and heard—she would be. She has a wonderful way about her and I admire her even more for the way she interacts with people. I know that it must be difficult to completely be "on" at these types of events and she really was in a great cheerful mood that made us feel like we really mattered and like we weren't just another few in the huge crowd at Market. It was a nice feeling . . .

Ahh. And now on to all the great stuff coming out of her studio this year.

Announced earlier this year, Amy Butler's new line of Belle Organic 50% Wool / 50% Cotton yarn from Rowan has made a big splash. It's comfy and cozy and soft and is produced in such rich, beautiful, warm colors that those of us who love her prints but are not yet converted to knitting will surely begin that migration. Along with the gorgeous yarns are some equally gorgeous projects—from very, very simple and small (cup cozies) to quite complex (some of the pillow . . . )—in the new Rowan book, Midwest Modern Knits. I need to get my hands on a copy soon . . .

Westminster Fibers, along with Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett, is releasing a line of Exceptional Thread made from 100% extra long mercerized Egyptian Giz Cotton. Each of the 4 boxed sets (Amy's are made to coordinate with Love and Soul Blossoms) contain 9 200-yard spools. It's certainly gorgeous . . . how could they do this to us? The packaging alone is worth the purchase.

Yes. Another delicious book is about to be released. This time,  it's a splendid book of bags. Put out by Chronicle Books, it's sure to become one of my favorites.

Some of the bags were on display at Market and they are really quite sweet. Style Stitches, set to release in October, is already available for preorder in several online shops. Here's the ISBN for easier searching: 9780811866699

I think I've died and gone to heaven. Amy Butler has teamed up with Graham & Brown for some drool-worthy wallpaper. Utilizing some of her existing prints which we all love (oh, and some out of print ones as well!), Amy's done it again. The rolls are 20.5 inches by 32.8 feet and run about $80/roll. Think Amy's Forest Field Poppies and Lotus Lacework and Love Momento. Yes. It's really to-die-for.  Hmmm . . . now, where to find a deserving wall?

OK. So, Amy has about 25 other new projects to talk about but I think it's time I get to the stuff you are all probably most interested in: the new collection. Soul Blossoms, inspired by Amy's travels to India, is set to release in "late summer." I just discovered that they have finally posted the collection on Amy's site and you can see the whole line there or you can download a PDF of the booklet handed out at Quilt Market for your viewing pleasure. It really is a beautiful line. It's intense and bold and energetic. It has a unique mix of soft and hard lines and each print has a different mood. This is something I'm really coming to love about Amy's last couple of lines. Again, this will be available in quilt weight cotton, home dec weight, and in laminate. Yay!

Well, the storms have arrived (nice that I have a lovely AB Soul Blossoms laminate umbrella to admire right now) here in Chicago a few minutes ahead of schedule and it's looking—and sounding—pretty scary right now. Probably time to shut down the computer and step away from blogging for a bit. If you need more of an Amy Butler fix check out her site for the new additions to her organic bedding collection the plush rugs (so gorgeous!) and the new patterns (hmm. the "rainy days" pattern could come in quite handy right now).

Happy Sunday!

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