PTS3: So long. Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen. Adieu.

My pillow is on her way overseas. To places I've never been but so long to go. I hope you enjoy the pillow, partner. She looked awfully comfy at our house. Even though I wouldn't have originally said this was my style, we were a little sad to see her get all folded up into a Ziploc and flat-rate envelope . . . but I trust she'll have a wonderful, loving new home. 

My tears as I waved goodbye were not just because we liked her relaxed demeanor on our couch . . . but also because as I was so gingerly folding her for her journey, my wedding ring ruined some of her preciousness, catching a single teal stitch near the center of my front hand-stitching and pulling one of the 3 strands of DMC floss loose. Oh, dear. So, partner, I am completely happy to send you the floss number or a skein of matching color to fix her up. Of course this would happen to me. It would not be my luck if it had not!

For a while there I couldn't decide how to finish up the back.  After a few scraps became covered buttons and some small, brown elastic hair rubberbands were sewn into the back flap, I am really pretty happy with how the back closes and with how a 20" (as opposed to the 22" that I thought would be needed) pillow form tucks inside. Sew lovely. I hope you enjoy it . . . in all of it's imperfection!

But don't look too closely . . . because there really are many, many, many little flaws!

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My Owl Barn said...

This is so beautiful! The receiver will be very happy.