Pillow Talk

She's just about ready to send out to her new home (though I think she looks awfully comfy in mine). I will give one hint for the soon-to-be owner: she's being sent internationally . . . not that that really narrows it down too much. But it'll be a little while before she arrives.

There were a lot of firsts on this project for me. My first swap. My first piping. My first pieced/quilted pillow. My first 9-patch. My first diamond-set. My first attempt at hand-stitching aside from embroidery. My first experience with ripping something out multiple times. My first . . . you get the picture.

I have a few details to finish up on the pillow over the next day or two before I ship out on Monday. The corners on the back of the pillow aren't completely sewn in. I had a hard time machine sewing (even with a zipper foot) around the piping on the back. I'll do some hand-stitching to fix that up. I also noticed that because the pillow is for a 20" or 22", the opening on the back will either need a snap or button in order to stay in place. I'll probably add a couple of covered buttons to spruce that up.

All in all, I am glad to be finished with the pillow. I am generally happy with how it turned out but I don't feel like it's very precise—particularly when it comes to the piping and how that sits around the edge. But, what's done is done . . . I can't tear it out again for fear that there will be too much fraying. So, I'll just have to learn to let it be. Hopefully my partner isn't too much of a perfectionist . . . Right.


teaginny said...

I think your partner is LUCKY. This is a gorgeous piece of work!!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

It is lovely and what fun. I think that is why I love this swap, it has pushed me to try new things! I tired piping and a zipper in my last pillow for the swap and it was not perfect at all! Very lucky partner indeed. The hand-stitching is awesome btw!

britt said...

I really love this pillow, especially the hand stitching! The linen really does wonders for the Hello Betty fabric.