This project is a blast from my sewing past. I made this for my sister-in-law Lindsey not long after I began sewing. I was a good year into collecting fabric and creating little projects for myself . . . just feeling out this craft. But, when I saw this fabric, I just instantly thought of Linds and her husband's new home and the wall colors she had been telling me about for the few previous months. This became my first gifted project. I gave this to Lindsey for Christmas in 2008—for her first Christmas as a married woman! I dug these photos out today because I was so excited a few weeks ago when Lindsey expressed an interest in sewing and then again yesterday when she shared the news of her new machine and her first projects. I know that a couple of her friends have been an influence on her decision to pick this little hobby up and I only wish I could be there to see her starting out as well! Three hundred miles really makes it difficult, though. I have a feeling the fabric/sewing/crafting bug has bit her hard . . . and I can't wait to see her in a few weeks. If she lets me, I'll share a few pictures she's recently sent me of her first projects. It's pretty awesome.

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