Pillow Talk

Does anyone remember the 1959 film Pillow Talk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson? All week I've been singing the theme song (fortunately, just in my head!) as I daydream (and "real" dream) of the upcoming Pillow Talk Swap 3 that I will be taking part in. The big unveil of partners happens tomorrow and I have a millions ideas swimming around in my head. Hopefully I'll be able to use at least one of these ideas for my partner's pillow and bring something new to the flickr group's proverbial table.
On Monday, when I found out that I had been accepted into this awesome group of sewists, I made this Flickr mosaic (another first for me) of some of my favorite pieces of perfect pillow inspiration. There are thousands upon thousands of images to look at for inspiration and yet it amazes me how I gravitate toward the same ones time and time again. Take, for instance, the fact that this morning I was trying to create a new mosaic to post here and as I was going through the Flickr group for the swap, I landed on my own image (unknowingly) and was like "woah, I like all of these!". Ha. Then I discovered . . . I was looking at my own mosaic! Way to go, brilliant one.

Back on point—I am very, very excited to take part in this swap. I have found over my couple years of sewing that I seem to enjoy (and am more motivated by) creating for others rather than for myself. So, in that sense, this is a good group and project to become a part of. Not to mention, I'm going to be surrounded by some of the most amazing people through the process.

So, looking forward to "meeting" all of you over the next month or so and sharing in your journeys of creating fabulous little pieces of love for our partners. Cheers!

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SplendorFalls said...

I do remember Pillow Talk! Loved the "party line" - seriously why couldn't I have been born in time for that? Hilarious.