Trying something new

Throughout the years, I've tried many, many crafts. My mom was good to my sister and I that way—she let us explore whatever areas we wanted to explore. She was a good example, too . . . always creating things. In fact, I can hardly remember a time when she wasn't with a knitting project. And, boy . . . her knitting is amazing. I don't think I have ever seen (even in all of the stores we've trekked in and out of growing up) more beautiful finished knitting projects than hers. To this day, she keeps busy with scarves and sweaters and shawls pretty much every day.

However, even with that inspiration in my life . . . and even with my love for the gorgeous fibers and colors that yarn comes in . . . knitting or crocheting has just never done it for me. Sure, I can do basic knitting and crocheting but I've never really finished anything in either craft. I've purchased yarn and started plenty of projects . . . but they've always gone unfinished or picked up by my mom and then given back to me all completed and perfect.

This time is different, though. It looks like I might just finish this one. I'm not sure if these granny squares (inspired by those from the Yvestown blog and here) will eventually become a pillow or a blanket . . . but I'm actually having fun crocheting.

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