Beautiful B(ack)log #2

I love these potholders. Love them so much I cannot bear to use them. I fear the stains of oil and sauce and the potential for a little kitchen mishap that might leave one of them . . . slightly charred. I love them so much that they will stay where they are. Comfortably resting in a tiny teal colander that also does not get used.

You see, these potholders are not only beautiful—they are a special treat from my sister that I was stunned to open this past Christmas. For me, they represent a few moments shopping together before the holidays (a rarity for us) and they represent the feeling of her wanting to do something special for me (she'd seen me admiring them in Anthropologie). They represent a newness in our relationship and something I also hope to keep untarnshed.

But, as it is with all relationships—if we want them to continue to grow and flourish but also maintain their untarnished quality, we must take care of them. And, taking care of them doesn't mean sticking them up on a shelf and admiring them from a distance.

Words for me to ponder . . .

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Maegan Beishline said...

I am swooning over your beautiful vintage collection! Very sweet {and true} words on friendship!