Beautiful B(ack)log #1

It's been a while. A lot has gone on since I last posted. Starting new projects and finishing old ones. Learning new skills and discovering new interests. Lots of happy moments and plenty of sad ones. Mostly, just a lot of living—living this beautiful life.

Christmas 2009 has long since past. The decorations are put away (or at least mostly) and the gifts all given (again, mostly) and we're into the season of celebrating Christ's death rather than his birth. But, the joy of the holidays remains in my heart right now. It really was a beautiful time for us this year. Chris and I hosted his mom for the first time and because of that, we ended up celebrating on Christmas day at our little place with my mom and sister. It was a special time—mostly because it felt like the perfect ending to our year and like a commitment to the great things we hope to make happen this year.

Our pre-dinner toast: "Cheers to the dream that this may be the last Christmas in this apartment and our last one without the joy of children."

It's almost the end of February and we haven't made much movement on either front. But, still, the hope for these things is alive and more real than ever. I say cheers to making things happen.

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