The project that started it all

First of all, I've decided I'm just not cut out for blogging. I think about it every day but never get around to posting anything. I haven't even designed a header for the page yet! I wish I could blame the fact that I haven't gotten into the swing of blogging on the fact that I am so busy working on projects...but, I can't.

Alas, I'm finally getting around to finishing my first quilting project (well, my first quilting project as an adult). This is the project that started it all for me. As I've said before, I have a material obsession and it was all fueled by this soon-to-be beauty. Soon-to-be is the key phrase here.

You see, I've been working on this quilt since last August. Within a week or two, I'd planned, designed, cut, sewn, and arranged all the blocks for the quilt top. But it's been sitting nicely folded and bound with a beautiful ribbon in my husband's clothing closet (yes, his clothing closet is my fabric closet...says something about my other material obsession, doesn't it?) ever since. I mean, I've finished a few baby blankets, some baby clothing gifts, a couple of purses, and accomplished a ton of other fabric buying since I began this project...it's just that I'm only getting around to finishing it. And, you know why? Because Amy Butler had to go and do it again!

Her new line of bedding is just gorgeous. I'm planning to go see it in person tomorrow and was hoping to bring some home with us which actually got me thinking...maybe I should finish my quilt instead! I mean, wouldn't it be gorgeous with some AB sheets? And what a compromise that'd be!

Anyway. So, this afternoon I laid it all out on my bed only to discover that it's just shy of being big enough for our bed. I'd have to cut and sew at least 5 (maybe 10) more blocks for it to work as our duvet or quilt.

Now, I've certainly got a dilemma on my hands...but what a dilemma to have. Beautiful or beautiful. :)

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