New obsession: Feathering our nest

Last weekend Chris and I were at Barnes & Noble with the usual suspects (just part of the routine) perusing some magazines and sipping caffeine when I came across an excerpt of this book in a magazine. The images in the glossy publication were absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to see more...immediately!

So, I asked Chris to see if the store had a copy on hand. I was bummed when I found out that I couldn't get it that very second but ecstatic to discover that the B&N location where Chris works had it in stock and on the shelf. We promptly reserved it.

Last night, Chris brought the little treasure home for me. While it might have been 1 a.m. when I began looking through it, I'm pretty sure that when I go downstairs this morning to look more closely (read, drool), it will be just as amazing, inspiring, and gorgeous as I thought it was last night.

I encourage you to check it out if your a fan of decorating, crafting, babies, or just something beautiful. You can find the book at the publisher's site here or at our favorite hangout B&N here.

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