Some decorum, please.

While I was quick to correct Chris' use of the word "decorum" for our shotgun decision to purchase new lamps for our bedroom today, maybe "decorum" was the right word to use—I was certainly a little over-excited for this unplanned project.

Today has been a day of out with the old and in with the new. I've been cutting out patterns and projects from old magazines that have been gathering dust around our living room and making binders of things I want to keep. And then, this afternoon, after an inspiring trip to Anthropologie I decided to stop in HomeGoods to look for something to contain my dresser-top array of morning needs (hair products, perfume, lotion, etc.) and fell in love with some great lamps. At half off, who could resist!? After looking at my quilt top on the bed last night and thinking about that Amy Butler organic bedding, we decided to splurge on something completely off our radar. The green lamps have found a home on our bedside tables and the teal one will reside on our long and low shared dresser at the foot of our bed. Those black and white lampshades (they are actually satin...and totally not me) will be going sooner than you can say Exacto! And an Exacto is exactly how I'll be removing the satin on a day when I can re-cover the shades with something more us.

We also decided to spend a weekend making a new headboard. We're thinking some 2x4s, a piece of plywood, some batting, solid fabric and covered buttons will do just the trick. Looks like we're on our way to sprucing up our boudoir when we hadn't even planned to!

I'll keep you posted.

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