New Project: String Quilt

I was so inspired by a series of string quilts I saw online that I had to start one. Problem is, my material obsession kicked in again. String quilts, from what I gather (remember, I'm pretty new to this), are usually made of leftover scraps of fabric from other projects. But, like I said...I was SO inspired by some that I saw online that I just HAD to purchase new fabric for mine...

My mom and I will be working on our string quilts at the same time. I'll be working mostly with Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line (with a little Kaffe, Amy, and Joel thrown in for color) and my mom will be focusing on doing hers with a collection of '30s prints she's been gathering for years.

So, here we are at one of the first stages of our project...planning and cutting. Hopefully ours will turn out as beautifully as this one over at Film In The Fridge.

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