I'm trying to stay inspired and creative after several months of being ultra busy but not very productive on personal projects after my surgery in December. The last few weeks have been great with little accomplishments along the way (even though some were spurred by obligation) and I am finally starting to feel like I'm getting back into my creative groove.

Finishing up little projects here and there has been good for me. I think I am in a bit of an immediate gratification mode right now so these little baprons and diaper straps and baby toys have helped get me on a roll . . .

And here's my sister's little munchkin (probably 12 days old here), Caleb, with the giraffe rattler/squeaker/tag toy I made for him. I forgot to take a shot before I brought it over to him the other day so it was a sweet surprise to get this photo text from my sister the other night. Such a sweetie (both my sister and Caleb)!

Oh, if you like any of these projects, here are links to patterns/tutorials:
Diaper Strap
Owl Rattle
Giraffe Rattle

Oh, and I did an exhaustive search at all of our local craft stores to find squeakers and rattle inserts for toys and came up empty handed. Rather than order a bunch from Amazon and pay shipping, I went to Walmart and bought a pack of cat rattles ($2 for 8 balls) and a couple of dog squeaker toys ($1 each). Worked great!


Rachel Hauser said...

Great idea on the squeakers/rattles. I'm so glad to see you getting back into the groove. Those baprons look like something very worth making!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

All very cute projects! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

Really cute! The bapron is fun to make isn't it? Love your little toys too! Glad it's all getting you back in the groove!

Wendy said...

What gorgeous goodies! Thanks for the links, I'd love to make one of the giraffes for my brother's son as my brother loves giraffes. I'm in the middle of sewing up some baby blocks for my nephew and I'm using little boxes (film canisters, craft supply boxes etc) filled with beads, confetti, whatever I can find! I'm going to try and find a dogtoy squeaker now!