{Baby} Showers of Love: Part 1

I think I've mentioned it once or twice before, but both my baby sister and my husband's baby sister are becoming mommas this spring—for the first time. My heart just overflows with love and joy for them right now and, of course, I kind of let those emotions get the best of me when planning their baby showers. If I've been a little quiet around here lately, well, you can just assume it's because I've been busily planning these two special events—well, that and working on my health situation from the winter.

While I didn't get a chance to do too much running around to photograph the details of either event to my satisfaction, I thought I'd share a few snapshots of each event over the next couple of posts. So . . .

{Baby} Showers of Love: Part 1—Martina
When my baby sister and her boyfriend Trent told us that they were pregnant back in October, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. A few days prior to their announcement, Chris' youngest sister, Lindsey,  and her husband Cooper had shared their similarly amazing news with us and we were absolutely not expecting it—from either couple. I know that it was incredibly tough for my sister to tell us that her and Trent were expecting a baby together (for a multitude of reasons), but I was filled with so much happiness and love for them that it didn't take long before I was jumping in like an eager auntie and buying clothes and other little gifts and pinning ideas for showers.

Martina and Trent had decided not to find out the gender of their baby and so the planning of the shower was a little bit tough for me—until inspiration struck in the form of some of Martina's nursery ideas. I landed on a yellow and aqua woodland-themed shower that was both modern and vintage all at once.  After hearing that Martina was considering using owls in the babe's room . . . I came up with this:

It really was a beautiful day full of love, laughter, memories, and joy. Near the end of the gift-opening festivities, Martina and I surprised my mom with a little 50th birthday celebration and a toast to all that she is to us. It was a very special moment—but one, alas, that I am banned from sharing photos of at mom's request. (Oh wait, I do have one I can share!)

And, at the very last minute . . . after some question as to whether they would or not . . . they announced the happy news that baby Trentina (clever, right?) was, in fact, going to be a bouncing baby boy!

And, that bouncing baby boy decided to arrive last Friday, on May 18th . . . more than 3 weeks early. And my nephew, the precious Mr. Caleb Lee, is absolutely amazing.


Splendorfalls said...

Seriously such a beautiful fun thoughtful shower! I LOVE it all! A onesie for the road? Hilarious! The mason jars with flowers (want for me!)! Burlap? Chevrons? ACK! I'm swooning!

Hollie said...

Looks like you planned an absolutely amazing shower for them. I seriously might be stealing some of your ideas. What a special day you created for them!

Susan said...

Gosh! What a wonderful shower. I love the drink idea guessing the gender. Congrats on being an aunt :)