Almost Home

I've been checking the USPS website almost as frequently as frequently as my email today in hopes that I would see a big fat "delivered" next to the tracking number I've been stalking.

You see, on Monday I shipped out the much-belabored pillow for my Pillow Talk Swap 7 partner. It should be arriving today. But it's been saying "out for delivery" since 9:21 this morning! To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm more excited to receive my secret pillow or more anxious to find out if my partner likes hers at all. This round stumped me a bit but I think it all came out OK in the end.

PTS7 Front "Palm"

The front was inspired by Amy Butler's Electronic Quilt Co. pattern for the Aspen Branches Table Runner. I thought it felt more like a palm frond so I went with it—because my partner tends to like a beachy vibe.

PTS7 Front "Palm"

I was a little worried about it being too simple on the front, so I added some simple but statement-making machine quilting. I quite like how this part turned out.

PTS7 Front Quilting Detail

One of my other design ideas had revolved around the thought of a beach cottage window. I ended up using the scraps from piecing the front for a pieced back.

PTS7 Back "Windows"

Overall, I am pretty happy with it. My stitching wasn't as precise as I might have liked but it is what it is. I am kind of digging the way the invisible zipper looks on this one—it's pretty seamlessly integrated which is nice because I'd like my partner to be able to use the pillow with the back or front side forward.

PTS7 Back Zipper Detail

Not sure I hit the nail on the head with this one, but hopefully my partner will love it in her home. That's all a girl can ask!


Debbie said...

wow - what a beautiful pillow! I never would have guessed how much 'waiting' is involved in this quilting & blogging game! ;-)

BuggletQuilts said...

It's gorgeous Alecia! The older Amy Butler play so nicely w/the linen.