It's Saturday. I'm basted.

The $15 one of the longarm quilters I know would have charged me to baste this would have been well-spent, I am now realizing. Basting is not my thing. Especially not in my itty bitty place. Looks like this 50" square quilt is about as big of a quilt as I can baste in our apartment. And even this is pretty tight. Today I've also realized that I'd like to go find the girl who hit me with her car in our high school parking lot about 11 years ago and let her know that my knee has absolutely had lasting pain because of that day. I might have to hang up my basting hat after this first one. I'm hurting and I haven't even gotten that far . . .

And, PS, who knew that duct tape would become one of my favorite quilting supplies today? Hmm. I think Chris was a little surprised, too.


SplendorFalls said...

Lookin' good!

I like that the duct tape sorta "goes"!

I can't pin on the floor; I have to pin on my moms big kitchen table. It actually works quite well.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

Alecia said...

I'll have to try the table next time. If there is a next time. :) Especially since I pinned it to the flippin' floor in many spots! Ha. I'm gonna go start my quilting right now . . . if I can decide which thread to use, that is!