Big. Fat. Awesome.

Yes, my dears. That is exactly what came in this box today. A load of ooey, gooey eye candy. Better known as "Big. Fat. Freakin'. Awesomeness." Or at least that's what I said as I tore (yes—tore) the box (I mean, it was already torn in one corner and it seemed the best way to open the huge box) open and whipped out my camera. And when I sat down with that Orla Kiely book for a minute just to peek . . . my heart was swept away.

I've admitted my obsession with Orla Kiely before. And most of you probably know that I just adore that Jane Brocket book. So none of this should be news to you.

When I found out that "the Gentle art of Domesticity" was on crazy-clearance at Barnes & Noble, I had to scoop up a couple of copies for whoever my future super-secret swap partners might be. It never hurts to spread a little extra love. Some of those copies are for my mom, too. She wanted a few for similar reasons.

But, let me tell you about that Orla Kiely book. It is big. It is fat. It is full of juicy details on the designer's life, inspiration, and work. It is every bit as lovely and endearing as her patterns. It is brand spankin' new. And this copy is all mine!

If you love Orla Kiely like I do—and, let's face it, why wouldn't you?—you will need to run out and get yourself a copy of this book. It's a biography, catalog, look-book, book o' prints, and textbook all rolled into one. If you want to know more about the designer or the designs, this book is for you. If you just want some of her patterns as prints to frame, this book is for you. If you want everything she's ever created but could never afford, this book is for you. If you're silly, like me . . well, then, this book is for you.

OK. Back down from the clouds.

But, seriously. If you need some inspiration . . . either of these books will do the trick. Check 'em out now. The Jane Brocket book is in bargain at Barnes so I'm not sure how much longer it will be around and the Orla Kiely book just released so it might be hard to come by. But good ol' B&N has both in stock here and here.


twin fibers said...

so awesome! I'm going to put both of them on my Christmas list! :)

Anna Joy said...

Me too! I want those big fat freakin awesome eye candy books!!