Harder than I thought it'd be . . .

In June, I gave Chris a quilt for our 5-year wedding anniversary. I was rushing to get it finished by our actual anniversary date and so I told myself that it was perfectly fine if I didn't put the finishing touch on before giving it to him. I thought I could do it over our anniversary weekend while we were hanging out together. Well, that time came and went more than 7 weeks ago and so this past weekend I finally set out to embroider the little commemorative applique that I had planned for the back of the quilt.

But, of course, it's more of a challenge than I had anticipated.

The pink fabric is a piece of taffeta leftover from our girls' dresses and men's ties. I'm using the green/lime Joel Dewberry woodgrain fabric as an homage to the fact that the 5th anniversary is traditionally celebrated by a wooden gift. I'm planning to applique the pink fabric in the shape of a heart onto the green fabric which will act as a kind of frame. My vision is for it to be like those cute little hearts that are carved into trees with a young and in-love couple's initials. But it's not turning out too well.
I'm not very happy with how the embroidered dates and initials turned out. I'm trying to decide if I should start over or let it have this "rustic" feel to the lettering. 

Lots to ponder. I was hoping to finish it up before the weekend.

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SplendorFalls said...

Okay, just mail the wedding album so I can see it all - look at those dresses! Look at your dress! I KNOW everything else had to be just as awesome. I got married in 2002 before all the cool wedding stuff really got going. Don't even get me started on my bad hair day (think hasidic jewish guy curls).

Seriously though, lovely lovely. And I think the sentiment of using the same pink fabric is so very thoughtful.