AMH: Rainbow Around the Block

In most instances, I've fallen in love with a fabric collection before becoming a fan of a designer's entire body of work. For example, I was enamored with the prints in Lotus before I even knew who Amy Butler was or that there were a gagillion other prints that came before it and that I'd soon begin a little love affair with Amy Butler's work. But, with Anna Maria Horner it was different. And now I understand why.

It wasn't until after I found her blog and began reading that I really started following her work and picking up some of her prints and patterns here and there along our shop-hopping journeys throughout the Midwest. Before I fell in love with her use of color and unique artistry, I fell in love with her voice. There's something to be said for connecting with the hearts of each of these designers we collect and the affect their own personalities have on the way we feel about their fabrics. In that way, blogging has helped some and hurt others, I think. And, to me, there's just something special about Anna Maria. You can just tell that she is a beautiful person. The way she welcomes us into her world and shares herself with us through her blog is a really spectacular thing. Her words are always filled with kindness, love, and caring—which makes her next endeavor no surprise at all . . .

Anna Maria is reaching out to cover her community in love after floods left their devastating marks on Middle Tennessee and its families in May 2010. She has organized a quilt block drive called Rainbow Around the Block and is asking for 12.5 x 12.5 inch blocks to be sent in by three deadlines this summer: July 1, August 1, and September 1. Some local quilters will work with her on piecing the quilts which will then be donated to those devastated by the flooding. You can read more about the amazing project here. Please consider participating. It's a wonderful, worthy cause that will warm the hearts and homes of many in need in our very own—however vast—backyard.

I have much more to say about Anna Maria . . . but I'll leave that until I can get all my market photos posted!

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