My Pyrex Rainbow

It's no secret that I love color. My kitchen is a total rainbow of luscious hues created by Fiesta dinnerware, Le Creuset pots, Orla Kiely coffee mugs, and a mishmash of unique dishes. It's quite eclectic, really.

About a year and a half ago, my mom and aunt gave me a bunch of gorgeous aqua Pyrex for my birthday. Since then, I've been able to resist (barely) picking up more pieces because when I've found them at antique stores or garage sales, they haven't been in the best shape.

Well, last week when I came across an amazing booth full of gorgeous, well cared for Pyrex, I couldn't resist. This photo totally doesn't do the booth justice—but if you love vintage Pyrex, you'll be able to envision how beautiful this site truly was to my eyes.

Fortunately, Chris didn't resist too much and we came home with a lovely stack of pieces to add to my aqua collection.

Oh yeah, and there were a couple of ball jars, too. I love those lids!

When we went to the flea market that morning, I knew that the pieces I needed to add to my collection were another casserole dish (see the chartreuse piece on the top left in the photo above) and another quick bread loaf pan (the lighter chartreuse one on the right in the middle of the stack in above photo). So, at least I got a couple of things that I needed—not just wanted. The minty green bowl and the aqua bowl will probably go live with my mom (if she can get them out of my house!).

Oh, and I have to share this picture because I love how these colors look with my Orla Kiely for Target tablecloth. These pieces are still sitting on my kitchen table a week later because I just love how they look together with that fabric! So lovely!


Debbie said...

How fun for you!! Lovely colors...

Kristy said...

So wonderful! I've resisted the whole Pyrex thing for years now; but my Sister is now buying it and since I'm looking for her...I've become more intrigued.

Great finds!

Splendorfalls said...

Oooh these are great; what a lovely assortment!