Welcome. Please excuse my mess.

So, do you ever feel a little uneasy about having guests over to your place when your place isn't as clean or designed or perfect as you'd like it to be? For instance, tell me I'm not alone in the feeling I'm having right now knowing that my besties are coming to visit me this weekend and I am already freaking out that I won't be able to clean up my everyday messes enough before they get here and almost want to call and tell them not to come because I'm "achoo. So sick." Well, aside from feeling that way about my besties today, I'm also feeling that way this morning because I think there will be some unexpected visitors popping by this blog shortly. And, well . . . I wish I were just a little bit more ready! (Picture me reluctantly putting on my hostess cap now . . . )

WELCOME to all of you who are stopping by from Modern Day Quilts. I'm pleased to meet you and hope you'll find something you like in this humble little space I call my blog. If you're coming from Modern Day Quilts and have followed Heather's blog for very long, I am sure that you are expecting amazing things. I hope this quick, improvised quilt for my sister-in-law for Christmas suits your fancy today!

And, if you're not stopping by from Modern Day Quilts, you should hop over and check out their archive of quilts from the past year (oh, yeah . . . and subscribe, too!). Some really beautiful, amazing work is featured there on a daily basis. You'll probably become just as addicted as I am.

Oh, and happy first birthday, Modern Day Quilts! Keep up the fantastic work of featuring beautiful quilts that inspire us all!


Debbie said...

Congrats, Alecia! Very cool to be featured on Modern Day Quilts!

Kara said...

Just found your blog via Modern Day Quilts and can't wait to read more! :)

Elvira said...

Alecia, I love this quilt!