Geeze, you go away for a week and suddenly there's new stuff popping up all over the place and knowing where to begin becomes a serious task. 

But, EEEEK! I love all of the new stuff I'm seeing!

And, I don't think I took the time to mention a few weeks ago how enamored I am by Joel's release of Aviary 2. Ahhh, those colors. Seriously.

All Joel Dewberry photos shamelessly stolen from the blog he and his wife write. Also, check out their free pattern for the Pendant Quilt above.

I had an inkling something was coming from Denyse Schmidt—something in line with her beloved Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope lines but I had no idea it would be this good. Her new line for Fabric Traditions under the label of the DS Quilts Collection is simply fantastic. It has that 30s/40s vintage feedsack vibe we've all come to love from her work. It's been all over blogland so I won't rehash the glorious madness here. Check out the Flickr group for some beautiful inspiration. Or, hop over to your local Joann or their site to pick up some of this fun collection while it lasts. (FYI, there were 21 prints released in the US but Joann's site only has 18 left in stock. The 10 prints being released in Australia will be sold through Spotlight but I don't believe it's out quite yet there. LULUBLOOM has made a great little reference chart if you're interested in checking out the prints and the skus all in one place.)

So, yeah . . . I recently gave in and purchased a bunch of Parisville. And, now . . . well, now I'm more in love with Ms. Pink. Prince Charming is amazing!

All Prince Charming images taken from Tula's Facebook page.

Sheesh. I haven't even made it through the 1,000+ blog posts collecting dust in my Google Reader from while I was on vacation yet and I'm already swooning with fabric envy. I better get sewing so I can justify some new purchases . . . maybe.


Splendorfalls said...

ACK! I haven't seen all these! Maybe I need a second job?

Rachel Hauser said...

I hadn't seen Tula's new line either. And then there's Anna Maria's new line....