Urban Home Good(ness)!

So much of the fun of the Urban Home Goods swap is the actual creation of what you send to your partner—at least it is for me. By the time I'm done with a swap, I am so excited to see what my partner thinks of her new treasures once they arrive that I nearly forget that something yummy is also on its way to me.


I'm not that crazy, you know.

So, when there was a loud knock on our door Saturday afternoon while I was sewing in the living room, it didn't even dawn on me that it was Mr. Postman coming to deliver my Urban Home goodness.

But once Chris declared the package was for me, I instantly knew that something great was in store.

I threw my project on the couch and rushed to open my package—a very cute package even on the outside. There were tons of stamps and some fun packing tape. I was so excited that I began ripping it open and didn't even stop to think to grab my camera for the unveiling!

Inside was a really sweet card from Holly (a fish in the water) as well as a bunch of little Canadian candy (wish I had a photo of the darling maple leaf suckers!). But those little extras were nothin' compared to the fantastic new sewing machine cover (look at that vintage polka dot linen!) and a darling little piece of wall art. How'd she know I have a thing for birds? :)

Holly did some fabulous sleuthing and discovered that I sew in my living room. She was right in thinking that quick cleanup is key and put those sweet pockets on the side of the machine cover.

I can't even tell you how great the craftsmanship is on this cutie. I was seriously impressed . . . and grateful to have such a wonderful partner this time around.

Thank you Holly for brightening up my space with some things I will be sure to treasure for years to come.


Rachel Hauser said...

What a great cover! OK, I need to learn how to make one of these for my MIL stat. (oops, got distracted). I love the pockets on the side - so smart. That's a great swap package!

Holly said...

So pleased that you like it Alecia! I had a great time reading your blog to try to pick something that I thought would suit you. I must admit to feeling a lot of pressure because I really wanted you to like your swap items. I really think that you have a lovely sense of style. I'm pleased that these items seem to have hit the mark. May your machine be dust free for many years to come!