"Maybe" quilt

Do you ever have a grand vision for a spectacular new quilt that then, when you begin working on it, turns out not to be so grand?

That's where I'm at with this one.

Maybe I'll like it better once I finish it.

And I will finish it.

I will say this: my first foray into a quilt entirely created of solids is not quite as I'd hoped.

When I saw this photo of these fantastic napkins, I just knew that it had to become a quilt.

Maybe I was wrong.

We'll see. Maybe I just need to twist and turn some of my blocks in a more random pattern.

Who knows. Maybe I'll end up loving it.

Or maybe it'll become a housewarming gift for my baby sister . . . because it would look awesome in her newly-painted "elephant skin"-colored bedroom.

But, shhhh. Don't tell.


Splendorfalls said...

I know all too well the feeling you are describing! I hope you can turn the corner and love it; it's looking pretty cool to me!

Rachel Hauser said...

Oooh, I hate it when that sinking moment happens! Well, I agree that turning some around may be just what it needs! Or maybe you could breath new life into your concept with some hand quilting?