Figure 8 Scarf? Notsomuch. How about Figure 1?

I had been dying to make Anna Maria Horner's Figure 8 scarf for a month or so when my small and unassuming stash of Innocent Crush velveteen arrived one cold day in January. I had picked up a couple of half-yard pieces in an online sale just so I could have a look—because even living in Chicago with a plethora of LQSs didn't mean I'd get to see any of it in person.

When the box arrived, I was happily surprised at the texture and sheen of this new-to-me substrate. I had visions of some nice winter pillows for our couch. But as I gently (and sillily) touched it to my face while making hilarious cooing sounds in a tremendous show of exaggeration for my husband, that Figure 8 scarf began dancing in my head.

The stars aligned for me that weekend.

I had heard about a new restaurant from some acquaintances and when we decided to check it out, I was pleasantly surprised to see there was a quilt shop next door. (Seriously, a quilt shop I didn't know about? Five minutes from my house? Weird.) After we had our disappointingly expensive and flavorless lunch, I decided to cheer up by stopping in next door. And while I won't say it's a store I'll go back to when I need inspiration or some fun, modern prints, they might become a staple for Kona FQs. I was pretty underwhelmed until I spotted 3 bolts of the lovely, buttery AMH Innocent Crush voile on a shelf in the very, very back of the store. Score. A perfect match for the velveteen.

I was set.

On what might as well have been Superbowl Sunday for the Bears and Packers, I set out to make my fabulous FIgure 8.

Taking Anna Maria's velveteen tips to heart, I began cutting and pinning. And pinning. And pinning. And pinning. (Certainly this scarf was as long as Cutler's last pass, right—some Bears humor for those of you who don't follow.)

After both sides were all sewn and pressed, I did a quick look in the mirror before attaching the two short ends together, forming the Figure 8.

I wasn't feeling it.

It was too bulky on my stubby little neck. Wish I had a picture of that to show you. My expression was priceless.

I almost just went for it and convinced myself it'd: a) be OK; or b) be a great gift for my sister.

And then, in my head, there was this quick conversation about turning that Figure 8 into a Figure 1. Something I could wear and have more versatility with.

And that's how the Figure 8 became the Figure 1.

Though, I'm still swooning over all of those Figure 8s on flickr. Maybe a voile-voile Figure 8 is in my future.

After all, that store is only 5 minutes away.

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Splendorfalls said...

I had the same trouble with the one I made (voile on both sides). My body type and big scarf wrapped around my neck sitting on the "shelf" just doesn't look right. I gifted mine! I do have a really light one layer 1/8 of a yard wide one that I got as a gift that does okay cause it's not too bulky.

Feeling your pain sister. I wish I'd have though to do a figure one! Yours is crazy good; love that purple!