Modern Madness mustache

I know you know I love Etsy. I love Etsy so much that it made me a supporter of the whole handmade goods world and I love it so much that I was inspired to buy all (mostly all) of my Christmas gifts from sellers who are either a part of Etsy or could be a part of Etsy.

OK. So, that's my shout out to you, Etsy.

Check out Modern Madness—an Etsy boutique that makes the mustache craze even more fun!

I was lucky that I ended up with one spare glass after my gift-giving bonanza. I think it suits me.

EDIT: Dang, I should've saved this for Sunday Stash. Would've been more amusing. Oh well, that's me—always late to the punchline.


Splendorfalls said...

Brilliant! The 'stash makes me feel like I should talk to you in an accent, think, Pride and Prejudice...my dearest Alecia.

Making completely home made pizza right now. Dough is rising. Sauce is reducing. This better be good...it's been an hour so far!

Alecia said...

:) What recipe are you using? I've done that once . . . and it took forever! It was a Martha recipe. It was darn tasty in the end. The trick, I think, is to make the sauce ahead of time in large batches and freeze it.