Thank you inaccurate weather services . . .

Because of you, my weekend was much more relaxed. Much more exciting. Much more spontaneously beautiful.

We were simply supposed to drive down to the city on Saturday afternoon for a simple dinner out somewhere and a concert at the Chicago Theater. But, due to your overzealous predictions that the winter storm to end all storms would hit at approximately the same time we were to be in the city, we decided to book an all-too-expensive room at The Wit and take the train on in so we could avoid the wintry-mix mess you said to anticipate.

Well, because of you, we were treated to a warm cookie upon check-in, the piped-in scent of vanilla throughout the lobby, a plate of free homemade candies and Fiji water brought to our door just moments after settling in, a spectacular view of the city, an aesthetically pleasing series of elevator rides, a wonderful dinner, scrumptious dessert, beautiful walk on the snowy and deserted streets of downtown Chicago, a tasty breakfast, and a whole lot of special time spent as the loving, relaxed couple we sometimes forget we can be.

I guess it doesn't matter that the blizzard didn't hit until many hours after we were already done with the show and would have been home in bed, sleeping, had we driven in as initially planned. I wouldn't replace a second of our unnecessarily luxurious weekend.

I highly recommend The Wit hotel, State&Lake restaurant (despite the slow service), and Straight No Chaser.

Pardon my unedited photos.


SplendorFalls said...

How absolutely fabulous!

Rachel Hauser said...

iyiyi, what a treat!!!

BuggletQuilts said...

Wow! I think you should make it a Christmas tradition and do this every year. How wonderful! And that view, gorgeous!