Oooey, gooey goodness coming our way!

Today I have my sights set on finishing up a little Christmas shopping, grabbing a few ingredients from the store, making the marinade for our Christmas dinner, cleaning, and eventually starting in on some holiday baking.

I'll be making these(photo by The Pioneer Woman)

And these. (photo by Epicurious)

With a possible variation like these. (photo by Purl Soho)
And our own family recipe of these. I'll share that one later (I need to see if it's really any different than the others I've found online this week). (photo by  Imagine Childhood)

Hope you are all enjoying making your holiday preparations. This is just about my favorite time of year. If I didn't have to clean today, there'd be no question!

I'll let you know how these all turn out . . .

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