UHG: What to do?

After Flickr- and blog-stalking my partner for the Urban Home Goods swap and seeing the wonderful creations he/she will be sending out, I'm beginning to wonder if I've done enough. Last night, in a little fit of not wanting to let this special someone down, I pulled out the scraps and began putting this together. I am not yet sure what it will become (the original plan was a storage bag for the other items I'm sending) but I just know that there's no way I will finish it tonight. So, my dear swap friends, do I delay and send first thing Saturday morning or do I skip it and hit the deadline of tomorrow?
Oh yeah, and the tablecloth isn't quite ready to go yet either. But it's almost there. Another hour or so of measuring, cutting, and sewing (and maybe another hour of simply pressing the stubborn linen!) and she'll be ready to send out the door to her lovely new dining room home.


SplendorFalls said...

Hooray you have a new blog post I could read over my lunch! (Subway, bleh)

I think that an extra day or two wont matter in the grand scheme of things. Either way your partner will get it next week right?

Your project is so lovely your partner is going to adore it no matter what day it arrives.

(and that extension table is really cool! I wonder if something like that would help with machine quilting too? My machine has a small extender thing that I use 99% of the time, but I might have to look into a bigger one)

Alecia said...

I sewed my little fingers away at lunchtime today (mine was pretty bleh! too) and think that I might (with the late night sewing gods on my side) be able to finish tonight. And, yes, either way it would arrive early next week so I'm hoping that I won't get kicked out of the swap for the next round if I do end up mailing Saturday morning. I'll post pictures tomorrow or Saturday so you can see how it all turned out. :) Thanks for your encouragement!

Alecia said...

Oh, and the extender table was purchased on a whim when I was out to buy a darning foot for free motion quilting. As you can see, I don't have much room to sew/create so I don't have a dedicated sewing table right now. The extender seems like it's going to be a great help for machine quilting . . . though I haven't tried machine quilting yet so I'll let you know how that goes.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I agree with sending on Sat if necessary to finish the other project you started. it looks very special and I don't think 1 day matters.