UHG: So glad it's over!

. . . because I love! love! loved! being on the receiving end of this swap even more than being on the giving side of it. Thanks to the evil genius (even if it was an accident!) of our swap mama Mary of Sewinggeek, Mary Claire and I were super secret swap partners to one another!

No. Friggin. Way. That's what I'm still saying!

I am so glad I had to stay home sick yesterday due to some major sun poisoning from being outside at the Renegade Craft Fair on Sunday. And I am so glad that my mom picked me up for a quick bite of lunch to make me feel better right around the time the mailman came yesterday afternoon when I normally would've been at work. And I am so glad that my almost-four-year-old godson was in the car for that lunch and got to brighten my day even more with his adorable comments on the package. And I am so glad that you, Mary Claire, were my swap partner!

Because I don't think I can say it any better or more coherently here, now, than I did yesterday in a thank you email to Mary Claire in my crazy fit of excitement, I think I'm just going to paste what I wrote to her here:

Oh. My. Gosh. You wouldn't believe what happened to me this afternoon. My mom and godson pulled up in our driveway to pick me up just as the mailman pulled in and left a package on my doorstep. So, when I stepped outside and saw this Fabric.com box, I was a little curious. Fabric.com? What? I didn't order anything. At least I didn't think I'd ordered anything. Well, maybe I did order something. Was I losing it? So, I picked the box up and was about to toss it inside before heading out but when I felt how light it was I was even more perplexed because it just felt so light for its size. And then I turned it over and saw the return address of Maryville. And started laughing. Hysterically. And then crying. And then I skipped over to the car and ripped the box open (or tried to, darn tape) knowing full-well what was inside to which my almost-four-years-old godson kept exclaiming "that's darling! that's darling! why are you crying?!" and to which I kept laughing, crying, oohing and ahhing and saying "that's gorgeous! that's gorgeous!" to which he replied "it's not gorgeous. it's darling". And then the realization set it. I was going to be without wifi for a few hours and wouldn't even be able to write to you right away to tell you how amazingly thrilled I am that you were my partner. The swap gods certainly smiled on me . . . what on earth had I done to deserve such a kind, beautiful gesture of deliciousness? Mary Claire (and I think that's what I am going to call you because I love how it sounds . . . ). You shouldn't have. The buttery-goodness of that quilt is fantastic. And way, way too much. I am melting just thinking about curling up with it. It will be a piece of happiness to take with us on our adventures (and yes, my dear, it will certainly travel well). And the dish towel rocks! I started my first hexagon project a couple of nights ago, too. And the fantastic fabric bucket is perfect! Seriously! After I saw those on your blog a couple weeks ago I wanted to set out to make one for my sewing space/living room but hadn't started yet because I was secretly hoping that you might be making that for me. One could hope and pray, right?  Oh. My. Gosh. I love everything to bits. I'm overwhelmed by your generosity. Now . . . hopefully the swap gods have smiled on you as well.

Mary Claire . . . you are unbelievable. I hate that you had to send away your most favorite project ever. I hope it's some comfort to know that it will be cherished forever.

Now, hopefully your package is just as spectacular.


Yup. I was just a tiny bit excited. And I still am. Everything really is just gorgeous. And the mistake of pairing us up with one another as swap partners (which I am told was an accident) just might be the best mistake ever!

Now, for some gorgeous darling photos of the goodies that I am enjoying a little more tonight now that I'm feeling better . . . 

Just be glad I didn't show you all 86 photos. :)

Oh yeah, and one more. Within an hour of getting home and shooting these pics, I was curled up for a recovery nap. Best quilt to snuggle with in our home. Love it!

And now, my dears, I'm off to curl up on the couch with my quilt from Mary Claire and a handful of hexagon papers and a bucket of scraps to practice my hand sewing . . . 

Good night!


SplendorFalls said...

An accident? Get out! It's official, we have to be friends till we are 80 so we can tell the story of this swap for the next 50 or 60 years. No pressure! ;)

Your pictures are lovely!

Happy sewing tonight!!

Kerri said...

that is the sweetest ever!! thanks for sharing the story!! :)

traceyjay said...


It's magnificent and amazing.

What a package.


twin fibers said...

wow, how awesome is that! :)
That has to be one soft and gorgeous quilt!

Mollie. said...

so very lovely!