Took another jaunt into the city today. This time with mom and my aunt to explore the Renegade Handmade craft fair. What a hoot! :)  It was such a blast. I can't wait for the winter fair in Chicago. We'll certainly be going back. Hopefully I'll have some vendors to list for you once I go through my bag-o-stuff. Bought some earrings, a pillow, got some Etsy bumper stickers and wanted lots of other stuff. Way fun. You'd all have loved it.

The downside: I am so incredibly sun burnt that I am feeling quite sick. Hopefully not all night . . .

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SplendorFalls said...

I have a friend who makes jewelry; she was there! Wouldn't it be funny if you bought her jewelry?

Can't wait to see what you vendors you loved and I hope you feel better soon. I joke that I'm allergic to the sun - maybe you are too? =)