In fairness . . .

I decided I'd better mock up my original idea with the piecing around the edge of the tablecloth rather than down the center with the actual fabric images as well. It makes such a huge difference. I am now quite torn about which direction to go.

For a couple of reasons, I still lean toward the more simple version with the strip down the center of the tablecloth. With the version shown here, I think that I'd almost have to make the placemats in order for there to be any color on the top of the table. I also think that, and this is selfish, this tablecloth will take quite a bit more time and fabric and that isn't a problem except for the fact that I'd really like to make my partner a couple other small items as well. If I go this route, I don't think I will be able to get much else done.

So, go for the gusto with this one ginormous tablecloth and placemat set (above)? Or make the more understated version (below) with another project I just know my partner would love as well.



binkwaffle (Holly) said...

Oooh, how pretty! I'd vote for the second one, also. The first one looks beautiful, too, but I almost see it as a placemat instead, maybe just with the border around the outside of the rectangle. And most CERTAINLY, the second one is easier!! That's a LOT of work on the first one!
Maybe your partner will get inspiration from the tablecloth and add placemats like the top. Or put the pieced edging around some napkins?
Love it, though! What program do you use for mocking up your designs?

Alecia said...

Thanks so much, Holly! It's a difficult decision. My husband's with you on this one. :)

I use InDesign to mock up my designs. I work with InDesign every day at work so it's just part of how I think now. It's a much quicker, more realistic way of working for me than with pencil and paper. Besides, I almost always lose all of my paper sketches inside my oversized purses!

binkwaffle (Holly) said...

That's what I use, too! Do you make sure your fabric's to scale, though? I haven't mastered that one yet. Is there an easy trick? Do you scan your pics or grab images from online? I always tend to grab ones that are such poor resolution.

After several sheets of ruined graph paper and some broken crayons and pencils everywhere, I've decided that I totally agree. I can change things with the click of my mouse if I do it on the computer!

You don't have a trick for doing graphs in ID, do you? I need to look into that, as I'm charting a Fair Isle pattern for a knitting pattern. Excel works, but I'm not as proficient in Excel as I am in ID and PS.

Alecia said...

That's great!

Sometimes I do make sure my fabric is in scale. In the case of this one, I think it's close but I know it's not completely in scale. However, when I was working on a design for my Hope Valley prints, I took great care in making sure things were in scale in my design. No great trick . . . I just trust that a designer's jpgs are all relatively in scale to one another for a particular collection and begin there.

Which leads me to your other question. I definitely just use the low res images on line. I suppose there will be a point where I can't do this as I begin using things that I can't find online anymore in which case, I will scan them or just take a quick photo.

I'm not a knitter—but my mom is a crazy-amazing knitter—so I haven't used ID for creating that kind of chart. You'd basically just need a graph paper made out of individual squares, right? With the ability to change colors and quickly and easily type inside, right? I think it'd be pretty simple to create something like this with step and repeat. Do you need some help with something like this?

SplendorFalls said...

Okay - would it be wrong to use up TWO prayers on this?

My sister is freaking out - she wishes she was your secret partner too and she isn't even in the swap!

You are doing some awesome designing!!

Alecia said...

Ha, Mary Claire, wouldn't it have been funny if they'd paired us!? :) I was hoping that maybe it would've happened, but I suppose with so many people in the swap it was probably a fat chance! Regardless, it means a lot that you like it! And that your sister does, too. Thanks so much for the comment. :)

SplendorFalls said...

Well at least I have some of this fabric so I can blatantly steal your ideas and make my own!! =)

Alecia said...

:) well, just don't get it done too quickly (you'll make me look bad!) because once I saw your post I decided to cut a few extra strips to send your way from my leftovers that were on the list of pieces you said you were still ISO! So much for doing it on the sly...

SplendorFalls said...

Oh no worries on me getting it done too quickly; I've got a stack of projects I've got to finish that will take me months!

You are so kind to send me leftovers!! Thank you!!

Can't wait to see your progress!