I need an epiphan(ie)y. Seriously.

What is red and lavender and gorgeous all over? Whose soft, supple leather and padded interior am I swooning over and dreaming about? Who would be the perfect companion for this weekend's travels to a photojournalism conference (well, aside from Chris who . . . has to work)? Ah, it's Lola. The beautiful camera case/handbag from Epiphanie. Just look at her! She's amazing! And check out Epiphanie, too. They are getting rave reviews in the press and I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these beauties. Life will be so much easier with Lola . . . I can guarantee it.

All images from HaveAnEpiphanie.com

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Anonymous said...

lavender is one of my favorite colors. so lovely + inspiring.

xo Alison